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Professional yet Affordable Lawn Care Services

Are you looking for a Professional and Affordable Lawn Care service provider to take care of your lawn or yard so you can focus on other essential things that you want to do in your life? It’s time to get your healthy summer lawn with our total lawn care performed by Professional Lawn Care Takers. From fertilization and weed control to complete yard service maintenance.


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What we offer with our Professional yet Affordable Lawn Care Service

I think we all know that not everyone has the patience or time to take care of their lawn or yard. Not everyone knows how to perform Fertilization, Weed Control, Shrub & Tree Care, Tick Control, Hydroseeding, and Aeration process correctly. That is why we have the professional lawn care experts that know how to perform a “Healthy Lawn Analysis” and with their expertise create a beautiful lawn that you’ve always dreamed of having. Your friends will love the place, and we are confident that the neighbors around you will be jealous of your lawn.

Affordable Lawn Care Aeration Service

Lawn Aeration Service

Want your lawn to be thick and lush? One of the best ways to achieve that would be to, to let our lawn care specialists perform the lawn aeration service. Consider doing aeration if you are experiencing too much thatch, bare patches, or seeing puddles of water in your lawn after the rain.

Grub Prevention Lawn Care

Grub Prevention & Control

Have you ever experienced dead patches of grass on your lawn in the later summer times? This could mean that you might be having grubs in your yard that are feasting on the organic matter in the soil, including the roots of the grass. With the help of our preemptive insect application, we will eliminate the grubs before they can cause damages to your healthy lawn by applying it before the egg-hatching season begins.

Mosquito Defense & Control

Mosquito Defense & Control

Want to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard so you can peacefully enjoy your time without getting “eaten alive” by those little insects? Call one of our lawn specialists to come over and apply mosquito control formula to put an end to the mosquitoes in your lawn or yard within the next 24 hours.

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Lawn Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Have you ever wondered on how exactly, does your neighbor have their lawn even and green? It isn’t magic; the process is called fertilization, which has an essential role in helping your lawn look greener and at its best throughout the year. Schedule your appointment with lawn specialists now.

Lawn Pest Control

Have you always wanted a lawn that would be pest-free so you could spend more time outside? We all know that pests like ticks, fleas, ants, and spiders can be more than just an annoyance to you and the people around you. Some of these pests can transmit diseases and could potentially cause allergic reactions in pets and people as well. It is also why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that everyone should consider hiring a professional pesticide specialist to reduce or entirely eliminate these threats.

Tree and Shrub Care by Affordable Lawn Specialists

Tree and Shrub Care

On the first visit to your home, lawn specialist will be there to analyze and survey your trees and shrub types and inspect for pests and diseases. Afterward, our affordable lawn care specialist will prepare your personal tailored Tree and Shrub Care plan to bring out the potential of your landscape.

Affordable Lawn Care Before and After Pictures

Here are some before and after examples of our lawn care.

Before our Affordable Lawn Care After our Affordable Lawn Care
Before our Affordable Lawn Care After our Affordable Lawn Care
Affordable Lawn Care Before our care Affordable Lawn Care After 1

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